Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Coffee Grinders"

File comment: backstay trimmers
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One of the most amazing thing about these boats (as they were sailed originally) is that they had NO standing backstay! A heavy air jibe must have been terrifying. And, for the most part, no winches, as we know them today. Everything was block and tackle. This is a picture from the original 'Yankee'. (A tie was not 'optional' when you were in charge of the running backstays)
They did have THESE devices. Since I'm far from being an expert on this subject, I have no idea what they were called or how they worked. It's possible that they were some kind of clutch, or maybe connected to something lead below.
As a person that has been clubbed and flayed using one of the old wire reel type halyard winches, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near one of THESE things!


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