Friday, July 10, 2015

We are in the slow process of moving the entire site from a fairly antiquated 'classic' .asp (MSSQL) platform to .psp with MySQL database. This, in itself, will not, initially, improve the user experience. In fact, most visitors won't notice it all. But is a step we felt we needed to take before implementing our plan for the future. These include: Better user interface on pc. Better user interface on mobil devices. Providing better and smoother user interactivity. (extremely limited at the moment) A far better resource for industry professionals. In short, before we make a much more user friendly site, we need to get the basics right. (A major hero in this effort has been Matt Jensen.) Randy Browning Norwalk, CT USA

Monday, November 21, 2011

Resolute One-Design - William Tripp Jr. (1955)

The Resolute was a 28' One-Design racer by William Tripp Jr., commisioned by a group on Long Island Sound. (US). The first 12 were imported from Holland in 1955. (4 more the following year???). It was an active class for a number of years. But I had always wondered why today you never hear of single one that still exists. It turns out that nearly all were destroyed in a boatyard fire in 1974. Thanks to the William Tripp (III) Design office (Norwalk, CT) for telling the story as well as providing original drawings. Record here

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chuck Paine website

For everyone following this, (I know there at least 2 people) I need to remind you to log into a site called and excercize your god given right to 'hatespeech' for blatant stealing of content.
On a more elevated note, I just wanted to recommend Chuck Paine's website. Most dedicated sailors know of Chuck Paine, especially if your on the more traditional side of the spectrum. His blog is really interesting reading. (reading only, which is fine with me, I only want the hear Chuck talk about Chuck, and.. well some other things too.)I don't know Chuck personally, and I'm sure he doesn't give a fig about any promotion of him, his boats, his website or anything else. I just enjoy reading anything by a person that has a intellect, a point of view, and the ability of presenting it with a certian grace, in the English language. Thanks Chuck.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ted Brewer

I want to express my great appreciation to designer Ted Brewer, (as well as his wife Betty) for providing, many valuable corrections, and additions, including a number of terrific drawings of his many boats.
He has an excellent web site:
where one can purchase full sized drawing of most of them. I'd also like to put in plug for his book, which can be purchased there also. It is considered one THE most imformative and authoritative volumes on the subject of yacht design. Ted is also a columnist/boat reviewer with Good Old Boat, which is a great magazine and well worth subscribing to.
I believe you can also purchase any of his past articles from them.
I don't know exactly how many boats of his design are sailing around the world today, but it's a lot. (A fairly large number for which he was never paid a dime - but that's another story)
All the latest updated informaton I have on his body of work can be viewed here:
Thanks again, Ted and Betty.

Dick Gibbs

Design partner with Rod Macalpine-Downie after he moved to the US. Gibbs had his own boat building company as well as sail loft and was US builder of  the Shark, as well as some other catamarans designed by Rod. It is thought that Dick did the sailplans for the boats they designed together.