Friday, July 22, 2011

Chuck Paine website

For everyone following this, (I know there at least 2 people) I need to remind you to log into a site called and excercize your god given right to 'hatespeech' for blatant stealing of content.
On a more elevated note, I just wanted to recommend Chuck Paine's website. Most dedicated sailors know of Chuck Paine, especially if your on the more traditional side of the spectrum. His blog is really interesting reading. (reading only, which is fine with me, I only want the hear Chuck talk about Chuck, and.. well some other things too.)I don't know Chuck personally, and I'm sure he doesn't give a fig about any promotion of him, his boats, his website or anything else. I just enjoy reading anything by a person that has a intellect, a point of view, and the ability of presenting it with a certian grace, in the English language. Thanks Chuck.


Sailing Florida said...

Interesting. I haven't checked on Chuck Paine's site before although I'm sure I've heard of him somewhere. Regardless, thanks for sharing this.

Alec Ulmann Jr said...

Chuck Paine designed for Morris Yachts. I talked to an engineer at Morris a few years back who was putting a powerboat with a gas turbine propulsion through sea trials and needed a really heavy duty aerospace fan to cool down the engine room. said...

Morris builds real 'goldplaters'.
Bills friend, Rick, M., of Villiage Creek boat yard, is refinishing one of these (not that it really needed it:
I think the owner must keep it in a glass case. I don't think it ever goes in the water.

Anonymous said...


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Gregory Kirk said...

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