Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Updated information for designer Ted Brewer

I want to express my great appreciation to designer Ted Brewer, (as well as his wife Betty) for providing, many valuable corrections,  and additions, including a number of terrific drawings of his many boats.
He has an excellent web site:
where one can purchase full sized drawings of most of them.  I'd also like to put in plug for his book, which can be purchased there also.  It is considered one of THE most imformative and authoritative volumes on the subject of yacht design. Ted is also a columnist/boat reviewer with Good Old Boat, which is a great magazine and well worth subscribing to.
I believe you can also purchase any of his past articles from them.
I don't know exactly how many boats of his design are sailing around the world today, but it's a lot. (A fairly large number for which he was never paid a dime - but that's another story)
All the latest updated informaton I have on his body of work can be viewed here:
Thanks again, Ted and Betty.


edpenney said...

I was given a Whip Sailboat and am in the process of rigging it. I know only 120 were built in the 70's and am looking for someone or some literature that could inform me of how it sails and how to rig it. Thanks.
Ed Penney said...

You're in luck:
As much as you could find the day it was built.

Randy Browning

Richard Majece said...

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Anonymous said...

I am sure he will be more than happy to read that. You can use these tips for your next blog posts. You are welcome!

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